What We Offer
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About eBS-Minds IT

eBS-Minds IT was founded to provide state-of-the art information technology and high quality educational services to our clients at an affordable cost. eBS-Minds IT views people as its chief asset. The company invests strongly in its main resource - its employees - by training them in new technologies and skills, and by providing them with a working environment that inspires creativity and innovation.

eBS-Minds IT Consulting has the ability to offer full project management, from discovery phase consultation to final deliverable's. We are also "Microsoft Solution Providers " and "Oracle Alliance Partners" which helps us meet our client requirements with current technologies. Our highly skilled consultants bring each project the experience they have gained working with a wide variety of business applications and environments. Well-versed in today's current and emerging technologies , eBS-Minds IT Consulting employees take great pride in their technical ability and motivation. We believe the hard work, dedication and hands-on approach of our staff is the decisive factor in the satisfaction of our customers.

A quality Conscious Organization

eBS-Minds IT is committed to delivering services and solutions of the highest standards. This is achieved by defining formal procedures and processes for various tasks, and ensuring that these procedures are adhered to. eBS-Minds IT quality-centered approach and ethic is reflected in its mission: "To provide cost-effective quality IT solutions to our clients by leveraging the experience of our world class professionals in diverse technology and business areas."

eBS-Minds IT holds certain beliefs about what it takes to achieve benchmark status as a provider of high quality IT services and solutions. These beliefs are certain qualities that the company possesses and strives to uphold.

eBS-Minds IT is proud to be:-

A client-oriented organization
Total Customer Satisfaction in all services is top most priority at eBS-Minds IT. The company believes in creating customer relationships that are not just limited to the life of an assignment but go well beyond it.

A technology-oriented organization
eBS-Minds IT strives to keep abreast of the latest information technology through constant research, training and development. The company tries to exploit new technologies towards achieving better quality and productivity in its solutions and operations.

A quality-conscious organization
eBS-Minds IT believes that quality is a culture to be practiced at all times by all individuals in the company. Quality and productivity are inseparable and they are emphasized and expected of everybody in the organization.

A learning and adaptive organization
eBS-Minds IT recognizes that to operate in a rapidly advancing field of technology, continuous learning and technology absorption are critical success factors.

An excellence-driven organization
To attain excellence in all areas of operation and to pursue this search for excellence relentlessly, is a constant goal at eBS-Minds IT.

eBS-Minds IT plans to use it's expertise in computer industry to meet clients need and provide the most thorough, comprehensive solutions by offering superior customer service, eBS-Minds IT can distinguish itself from its competitors. The goal of eBS-Minds IT is to be the leading solution provider by offering total turnkey solutions , expertise of it's IT professionals , quality training and above all customer support that can be relied upon.

eBS-Minds IT Consulting is well positioned to provide the resources necessary for the continued growth and development of its services .We help our clients minimize their EDP costs providing technical assistance to enhance user friendliness and operational efficiency of their open systems, GUI tools, client server technologies and legacy systems.


The depth and diversity of experience of eBS-Minds IT directors add substantially to the company's intellectual and strategic assets.


eBS-Minds IT management team combines technology and educational expertise with proven track records.